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We Find High Authority, Aged Domains with All the Link Juice You're Looking For.

We know how difficult it is to start a new project. It takes months or years to build rankings for your niche. Buy a new domain name, and you will spend ten's of thousands of dollars and years of work building quality links to your domain. Let DomFinder help you skip to the front of the line. We find the best aged domains with high authority that are pre-loaded with backlinks. Just imagine all the work you will save by jump-starting your SEO and marketing plan with a quality domain from DomFinder.

Domain Authority.

We only deal with domains that carry a Trust Flow (TF) of 5 or greater and a Domain Authority (DA) of 5 or greater. Some of our domains have a TF or DA of 50, 60, 70 or even greater. Talk about an incredible way to jump start your next online venture.

Aged Domains.

You know already know domains are like a fine wine. Aged to perfection, most of our domains are over 2 years old and some have decades of experience. Say goodbye to fresh registration and praying to get your site indexed.

Low Spam, High Trust

Don't get burnt by domains with a high spam score. Since almost all aged domains have some amount of spam, we can't promise 100% cleanliness. However we do guarantee your domain will have a Moz spam score of less than 25 unless otherwise noted.

Linking Domains.

Since having 5 thousand links from the same low quality blog site won't do you much good, we count the number of unique domains that link to DomFinder listed domains. this metric helps you understand the true power of what you're about to purchase.

How DomFinder Works...


Signing up is easy and requires no credit card for free accounts. Once you select your account type and confirm your registration, begin browsing our high-quality expired domains list to dominate the SERPs.


We have a really handy search and filter tool. Sort by DA, spam score, number of linking domains, domain extension or price. Search by domain keyword or anchor text. If you cant find what you're looking for, just ask.

Submit Offer.

Our "Buy it Now" domains are ready for purchase and transfer right away, the price you see is the price you get. Often times you can be live within 24hrs. Other domains are offered via auction. Submit your highest bid and wait for your auction to close.


Depending on the domain type we can close your purchase and transfer your domain to you as soon as a day. Auctions and special circumstance domains can take up to 14 days to close and transfer. In some cases, we can DNS point your new domain while it is going through it's closing process. If you are buying a domain and absolutely need it live right away, please inquire about it's estimated go-live date before purchasing.

DomFinder Premium Domain Advantages

Quality Aged Domain List

Thousands of the internet's best domains are available for you. Right now, we have over 5,000 domains with a Domain Authority rating of 20 or higher.

Customizable Search

Search by keyword, buy now, auction ending, domain authority, trustflow, citation flow and more.

Early Access

With DomFinder premium domain name service, you gain access to only the highest quality domains. Members also receive exclusive alerts for just newly added domains and alerts on auction domains that are about to expire from our system.

Instant Online Presence

The internet is competitive. And you have little time to build a brand from ground-zero. By buying a premium domain, you invest in a powerful tool that jump-starts your marketing campaign.

Build Traffic Fast

With an aged and high-quality domain, your new website has many advantages. One is the ability to outrank your competition and generate traffic to your site. It's like having a fast pass to the front of a line that is miles long.

Research Done For You

The inherent risk of buying an aged domain is spam, or worse yet a Google penalty. With DomFinder you save time and money. Our in-depth and industry-leading reporting provides you with the transparency you need to make a quick decision without the headache of purchasing 3rd software programs.

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